2018 AIGA LA – Board of Directors Information

Board of Directors Information

Our goal is to inform you as to the potential new board members

Please Note: Some of the proposed board members have terms that end in June, but are also on the ballot to continue… Their bios can be found on our website (Erika AbramsFlavia ArsenaultLawrence AzerradSheharazad Fleming, Amanda HovestJod Kaftan, and David Mayes).

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Incoming Board Member Bios:

Andrew Kutchera – Programming Director
Andrew Kutchera has consulted on graphic identities for museums, public agencies, and businesses such as Workbook and Hillstone Restaurant Group. He currently serves as Senior Lecturer at USC’s Roski School of Art and Design. His most recent project – Faces of a Fish Empire – won a silver medal with IDA.

Kelley Benjamin – Programming Director
Kelley is a design advocate, brand enthusiast + leisure futurist. With 10+ years of experience innovating + generating business at Gensler, Kelley has made connections across trends + pop culture that transform the way people receive ideas. She believes in smart-ass design and never working hungry.

Maureen McHale – Advisory Board
Maureen, a business owner of a long-standing design firm in Long Beach, raised three children while running her business full-time. At this point in her career, she is ready to give back and is committed to opening up creative career options for the youth of color in Long Beach and hopes to expand this work.

Rachel Elnar – Advisory Board
Rachel is an interactive design processor at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), Co-founder & Interactive Director of Ramp Creative, Co-founder and Producer at TypeEd, and very recently Senior Product Marketing Manager with Creative Jam Enterprise at Adobe. She was also previously Communications Director, and later, Secretary of the AIGA LA Board of Directors.

David Scharff – Advisory Board
David Scharff, a Leader member and long time supporter of AIGA in more than one city, is a major talent of multi facets. He was recently promoted at the prestigious Annenberg Foundation from Senior Manager for all creative services to a developing position at the Annenberg Space for Photography.



By Anthony Wiktor
Published May 31, 2018