Knock Knock Prevails over Copyright and Trademark Infringers
Knock Knock, a leader in creating interesting , well-designed gift and stationery products with a distinctive voice and look, is proud to announce recent settlements with several companies, both international and domestic, involving significant cases of plagiarism.
Knock Knock has recently experienced an uptick in knockoffs from every direction: domestic chain retailers; international publishers and manufacturers; and on networks like Etsy®, Pinterest®, Flickr® and Reddit®, in which individuals take credit for Knock Knock’s work and either try to sell or copy it freely. Because these copycat products are both unethical and damaging to the marketplace, Knock Knock has committed itself to defending its product and work.
 “I believe that Knock Knock has a moral obligation to defend its intellectual property,” says Knock Knock founder and CEO Jen Bilik, “not only for ourselves but also to urge these wrongdoers to think twice about copying anybody else.”
Because the company’s stock in trade is innovative concepts, content, and design, Knock Knock products are labor intensive. Significant overhead is required to maintain the company’s team of editors, writers, and designers, so getting creative products just right is a pricey proposition, something that plagiarizers well know. Knock Knock has been seeing copies of its products so blatant that they essentially comprise photocopying. This type of intellectual property theft is offensive at the deepest level to all who ply the creative trades. For these reasons, Knock Knock will continue to aggressively enforce its right to remove copycat products from the marketplace as well as seek damages.
About Knock Knock
Since its founding in 2002, Knock Knock books and products have found their way to over 6,000 stores in the United States, from stylish boutiques to booming chains. They are also distributed around the world both in their original forms and in translation. The entire Knock Knock catalog can be seen online at
By AIGA Los Angeles
Published June 19, 2013
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