TypeThursdayLA September @ General Assembly DTLA

TypeThursdayLA September @ General Assembly DTLA

Thursday, September 12, 2019 | 6:00PM – 9:00PM
General Assembly DTLA
360 E. 2nd Street, Suite 400 | Los Angeles, CA 90012


It’s fontastic & boldacious & x-heighting!
It’s TypeThursday Los Angeles!

TypeThursdayLA is a monthly gathering of Los Angeles Area type geeks (21+). We like to think of ourselves as a type superfamily: we attract local letterform lovers hailing from all disciplines and levels of expertise. Social hours bookend the centerpiece of our event, a group critique we refer to as Type Crit.

What the font is Type Crit?

It’s a critique. Of letterforms. No grades. Plenty of beer.
Verbosely: Type Crit is a group critique of up to four, in-progress projects involving letterform design and/or usage. You can get, give, or simply listen to feedback—your pick! Discussion is moderated by a TypeThursday Los Angeles dialogue lead—we pride ourselves on fostering a friendly forum for constructive, thoughtful advice that’ll raise the baseline on your letterform game.

QUICK LINK: Sign up to present work for feedback at Type Crit

What’s the program for the evening?
6:00–6:30 PM: Social Hour. Drinks + food included in ticket!
6:30–7:00 PM: Guest Speaker Felix Broscheit + Q&A
7:00–8:15 PM: Type Crit. Group critique of letterform design/usage
8:15–9:00 PM: More Mixing ’n’ Mingling. During Type Crit, you’ll realize there are tons of smart people in the room you still need to meet!

About Felix Broscheit
Senior Designer & Art Director at Kastner, Los Angeles
The product of a Czech mother and German father, Felix Broscheit was born in Vienna, Austria in 1977. He quickly developed an interest in graffiti art, vandalizing Vienna’s cityscape, particularly school buildings. To stay out of trouble he went to film school and studied journalism, before finding his way to college where he focused on graphic and communication design. Turns out all that vandalism was good practice when he graduated from the Master Class in 2002. His skills in typography and lettering expanded at Studio Dietmar Tadler, where he worked as an intern and later as a freelancer.

Over the next several years, Felix worked as a graphic designer for the advertising agency Huber, Schoenburg & Cayenne, then Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, an independent full service agency, as an Art Director and Designer. He was no longer vandalizing buildings at this point.

In 2013, Felix sought bigger challenges across the Atlantic Ocean. He brought his talents to Kastner in Los Angeles, California. An independent advertising agency that operates around the globe. Here, he works as an Art Director and Senior Designer on Red Bull North America. His English is getting better every day.

Who should go? Anyone who loves letterforms. We always welcome a new (type)face.
Do I have to present? Not at all! Some people come to network, some to learn and observe, and some to help give feedback. Your level of participation is up to you.
Why should I consider presenting at Type Crit? You’ll get free, friendly, fast feedback from fellow font fanatics Type Crit presenters get free admission to the event We shower presenters with love on our Twitter and Instagram accounts

What kinds of work can I show at Type Crit? 
We accept any work involving the use or design of letterforms. Examples: Logotype designs Hand lettering Calligraphy Typeface designs Print layouts that involve typesetting UI designs that need hierarchical sharpening … or make up a new genre of type-related work and blow our minds!
How do I submit work to Type Crit? Upload files using TypeThursday Los Angeles’ handy online form. (Link sentence to: https://form.jotform.com/70357023025142) We’ll display your work using a projector hooked up to a laptop. I have more questions! Email the organizer, krislam[at]typethursday.org.

Partners & Sponsors
TypeThursday Los Angeles is made possible by our generous sponsors

Chapter Partner: Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography

Chapter Partner: AIGA Los Angeles
Venue Partner: General Assembly Los Angeles

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For more information, visit TypeThursday Los Angeles.

When & Where
Thu, Sep 12, 2019 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
General Assembly DTLA
360 E. 2nd Street, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90012