Design in Health Session 2 — Innovation in light of Constraints

Design in Health Session 2 — Innovation in light of Constraints

Tuesday, May 8, 2019 | 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Herman Miller
3641 Holdrege Avenue, #100 | Los Angeles, CA 90016
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We are proud to announce the second event behind our Design in Health series in partnership with Health 2.0 Los Angeles. It will take place on Wednesday, May 8, once again at the beautiful Herman Miller Showroom.

Our quarterly series consists of four talks, cocktails and tasty treats. This is a place for health tech practitioners to gather and talk about how design can help to unlock innovation in healthcare.

Anyone interested in health tech is welcomed!

For this second round, we explore different lenses by which designers and product leaders are pushing the boundaries of innovation, while still dealing with regulatory and legacy constraints.

Samantha Katz Roushan, Venture Architect Director / Principal, Digital Health, BCG Digital Ventures
With ten years of digital/mobile health experience across the healthcare ecosystem, Sam has seen innovation happen across companies of different sizes. She will walk us through how she is focused on helping the largest healthcare companies achieve innovation and how they are achieving this at BCG DV.

Joselle Ho, Senior Manager, User Experience, Health Innovation Technology, Blue Shield California
With five years of experience in Blue Shield’s innovation team, Joselle will give us a peek into a place that has prototyped a wide range of healthcare solutions, from vaccination to AR experiences down to a simple form.

JAnna Bersudsky, Director, Product Management, Silversheet
The team at Silversheet is looking to design the best user experience for credentialing in healthcare, making it easier for providers, administrators and staffing teams to keep all credentials in one place. Anna will walk us through the challenges they face as they scale to larger organizations and multiple user needs.

Steve Gifford, Senior UX Designer, Kaiser Permanente
Steve will walk us through his experience designing for Kaiser’s mobile app, which provides sensitive information and allows key patient interactions. He’ll talk about it in light of legacy constraints, in comparison to its web counterpart, and in empathizing with patients.

Your hosts of the night are Health 2.0 Los Angeles organizer, Jessica Santana, and Kluge CEO, Arturo Perez.

Design in Health is a quarterly series that explores the relationship between health and design, with the aim to bring together all types of health tech practitioners. It is a partnership between Evenings at the Loft, a design salon in LA, and Health 2.0 Los Angeles.


Discount code for 15% off is: AIGALA
When & Where
Wed, May 8, 2019 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Herman Miller
3641 Holdrege Avenue, #100
Los Angeles, CA 90016