Dear AIGA LA Community

We have failed.

We should have done better.

We should have been better.

We relied upon being “Los Angeles” for too long.

We have allowed ourselves to move at a pace of progress most convenient to the majority in our approach to diversity.

And more than anything, we are sorry.

We are examining ourselves, as an organization and as individuals, to see where we have been complicit in supporting oppressive and suppressive systems that aren’t diverse, equitable or inclusive.

We recognize that we need to let go of points of privilege that we have held precious and are committed to continuing to have uncomfortable conversations that will be approached with the goal of understanding and not the defense of the morally superior castles that have been built to defend our own biases; unconscious or otherwise. We are examining the ambient racism that is held in the practices and interactions we have within our community and organization that is reflected in how we reach and interact with others.

The resources we have traditionally allotted to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) haven’t been enough and we don’t, as a group, have all the answers. As a consequence we are forming a DEI Task Force. The DEI Task Force’s first orders of business will be to perform a DEI audit, create a scoring rubric for all chapter efforts (communication, programming, board recruitment, etc.) and establish a minimum approval rating threshold for DEI and accessibility standards.

This is our responsibility to solve, but we will humbly request input and participation from the Los Angeles creative community members (AIGA membership not required); including people who have left our chapter because of DEI related frustrations.

Please standby for more information to come regarding our progress and information regarding the formation of the taskforce. In the meantime, we are listening at Hold us accountable.

Thank you,

AIGA Los Angeles

By AIGA Los Angeles
Published June 19, 2020
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