CDE-AME Design Pathways Survey

AIGA Los Angeles and other California AIGA chapters are working with the California Department of Education to rewrite curriculum standards for Design Education within California public schools and community colleges.

Earlier this year, a group of 20+ design leaders and educators across California and the US assembled into an advisory group to explore how to make the guidelines relevant for the next generation of artists, designers, teachers, and creatives.

Our goal is to bring the quality of a best-in-class design school education into California’s Public Schools, creating more awareness and career pathways into design.

– Allison Frenzel, CDE-AME

The advisory group has been working to help develop new standards for design education in California public high school CDE-AME programs and establish a registered youth apprenticeship program for continued training. These programs will support the initiative’s goal of inspiring the workforce of the future and creating equitable pathways into the design industry, which will ultimately help create a more diverse workforce.

Where we are at in the process

  • Developing working group of advisors
  • Design Industry Survey — Ongoing
  • Developing the new guidelines
  • Exploring deeper design industry integration
    • Internships/apprenticeships
    • Curriculum
    • Teaching resources
    • Collaboration

How can you help today?

Please complete this survey and share in your network to help continue our work to creating more equitable pathways into the design profession.

This survey was created to help inform the development of a new career pathway for design students in California’s public high schools and community colleges. Your answers will help inform curriculum and shape the design education programs currently being created by the Department of Education Arts Media and Entertainment team (AME).


If you’d like to learn more about this initiative, please contact us at


The AME Industry Sector is a California Department of Education program designed to identify and develop curriculum, standards, instructional resources, and assessment strategies for teachers, students, guidance personnel, curriculum planners, and administrators.

  • Design, Visual and Media Arts
  • Performing Arts — Dance, Music and Theater
  • Production & Managerial Arts – Stage, Film & Video, Multimedia
  • Game Design & Integration

Learn more about CA AME.

Artwork designed by Marina Murad

By AIGA Los Angeles
Published July 14, 2022
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