2020 AIGA LA Announcement — Incoming Board Members

AIGA LA is your organization for design… and YOU voted!

Your voices were heard last week. Thank you to all members who voted on the 2020 Board of Directors Slate. Your new board representatives are below. But don’t think that’s the last opportunity to speak up. If you want to get involved, share ideas, ask questions, or simply play a bigger role in design in LA, please get in touch with us. As an all-volunteer run organization, we’re here to serve the design community and we need all the voices (and hands!) we can get. If you’re interested in volunteering — get involved.

Congratulations to our new and very dedicated leaders below. Please introduce yourself to them at the next AIGA LA event. And last but not least, thank you to our outgoing board members who have served, worked, and ideated all in your name for the past two (and sometimes even more) years. We give a heartfelt round of applause and gratitude to those whose terms are complete.

Incoming Board Members:

Patrick Fredrickson, President
Sam Cabrera, Vice President, Incoming President
Nonette Llabres, Content Director
May de Castro, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director
Andrew Kutchera, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director
Christina Webb, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director
Margie Peng, Marketing Director
Amata Indra, Programming Director
Ross Meredith, Social Media Director
Erika Abrams, Advisory Board
Carsten Becker, Advisory Board
Sheharazad Fleming, Advisory Board
Amanda Hovest, Advisory Board
James Hsu, Advisory Board
Jod Kaftan, Advisory Board
David Mayes, Advisory Board
David Scharff, Advisory Board


Outgoing Board Members:

Andrew Kutchera, Programming Director
Lawrence Azerrad, Advisory Board
Maureen McHale, Advisory Board
By AIGA Los Angeles
Published June 17, 2020
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